15 thoughts on “When Baby Kittens Attack!

  1. The twins are going to be in trouble with the gray/white one … he is definitely the “alpha cat” (I have no idea if that concept is true with cats … alpha dogs are always the leader). Thanks for the video!

  2. They are just too adorable! I love their fat little tails when they’re that age. Ah, I miss having cats here. We lost our two old cats to old-age related issues, one in 2006, and the other in 2007, and I miss them terribly.

    But, because of my dog rescue dogs being larger dogs, I’ve had to put off having any more cats for awhile. I sure do miss having kitties around.

    Thanks for the video! Put a smile on my face. : )


  3. @onemom – oh there are definitely alpha cats, and my 14 lb male Siamese ain’t it. The 8 lb Calico totally has the upper hand.

    @Dube – love the video!!! There are feral kittens all around our place. They are adorable. Then the Siamese does something idiotic, like trying to jump through a mirror, and I remember that they grow up.

  4. Aaron – sorry to bring up sad memories of a missed kitten!

    OneMom – Ya, grey & white picks on the orange twins ALL the time!

    Em – You’re welcome! What type of dogs do you have?

    Kate – Will you get another sometime?

    Cindy – LOLOL. I want to get over my allergy so much!

    Panther – LOL. Jump through a mirror? Wow!

    Cinema – Glad you like them!

    Rib, Teeni, Dave – The grey & white definitely acts like Mr. Alpha! I wonder what he will be like as an adult cat?

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