Study about women's violence on TV misses the point

6 thoughts on “Study About Women’s Violence on TV Completely Misses the Point

  1. Whomever published that study needs to be aware that there is CONTEXT around what happens during those “violent” moments. (Don’t get me my wrong, there are true moments of violence against women. But those are rare and not in every TV show, which the Fox News article certainly hints at.)

    And then for the MRC to say that these TV shows adds risk for more violence against women is like saying that reading a violent book will cause more violence.

    But then again, I really don’t believe everything Fox News says. They tend to be very biased.

    1. I wish I could triple like your comment! Everything you wrote is so true. Context is key when it comes to evaluating violence in a TV show, not merely a side point to be mostly ignored as it was in this study. And yes, adding risk to violence against women… Statements like that just pull attention away to true sources of the problems.

  2. I have such a hard time with these “studies”. Too often, there’s an ulterior motive involved. I haven’t seen 100, just because I’m burned out on post-apocolyptic stories (might give the books a try, though), but there’s no way you can draw any sort of accurate conclusions based off of a single week watching a small sample of shows.

  3. I disagree with all of you. TV should absolutely never show violence. If it MUST show violence, then it should be used ONLY against men. That way, people don’t think its ok to hurt women.

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