Carol is a Strong Character on The Walking Dead

7 thoughts on “Are the powerful woman characters on TV really so great?

  1. Love this post!

    I think one of my favorites right now is Peggy Carter on Agent Carter. She’s written as a real woman (flaws and all), but one who keeps persevering no matter what’s thrown at her. And is shown as someone who’s actually grieving, and not just throwing herself at a guy to move on.

    She reminds me a lot of Sydney Bristow on ALIAS, who in that first season had a lot of emotional storylines to go with all the spy missions.

    1. I’m so glad you like the post Whitney! 🙂 I haven’t watched Agent Carter yet, but it sounds like a need to. Sounds like a great character: able to grieve without needing a new relationship to spur her on. And I absolutely loved ALIAS! Man, Sydney was a really strong character.

  2. I really like this post. I hope you broaden it and do a few more…maybe strongest women in literature, strongest women in movies, and even strongest women in politics. You could get several amazing posts out of this one concept. I am now going to go add The Walking Dead and The 100 to my netflicks list. Thanks!

    1. Wow, this is a GREAT idea. Yes, I’ll definitely have to do this and broaden this post into a series. 🙂 That will be fun to write! I’m glad you liked the post. You are going to love The 100. Walking Dead is so awesome too, shows so many different characters, personality types, and how they deal with apocalyptic events.

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