2 thoughts on “Click to Tweet Broken: Is the Plugin Dead? Looks Like It’s Been Replaced…

  1. Thanks for the great article.

    In fact, I am the author of the new plugin, but not at all the author of the old one. Justin at Todaymade reached out after I released the updated version, and we spoke earlier today about finding a way to “join forces.” I’ll keep you posted on that.

    The old plugin was pulled from the repository, but is now back. I don’t know if the issues you mentioned are fixed. But I do know that my plugin is working just fine! 🙂

    1. Hi Ben! Thank you so much for visiting the blog and updating me. 🙂 Your plugin is great and I’m using it all the time! 🙂 Please do keep me posted about any plugins that you and Justin make together. I’ll post an update on this blog telling readers to check out your comment!

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