0 thoughts on “Would you like lettuce with your salad?

  1. Has a woman ever asked you that question?

    It sounds like he was trying to be witty. And, you’d be surprised at what exactly qualifies as attractive to a guy. Don’t be too quick to rule out the post-gym look. It’s not the look itself, but the person sporting it.

  2. [i]Cracker Barrel cheesy hashbrown casserole…[/i]

    Sounds like it could block an artery… I SO WANT SOME. I Don’t know what it is but I heard CHEESE and HASHBROWN I’m sold.

  3. Silence – Nope, a woman hasn’t. But trust me, had you seen me, you would know your theory cannot be correct. How sad if they thought the question was witty!

    Dave – The cheesy hashbrown casserole is truly a little piece of heaven on a plate. You need to try it!

  4. Unfortunatly, they were most likely trained and the person before them asked it, and it got passed down.

    Hilarious however. I would like nachoes without chips plz.

  5. Kraze, you’re probably right! That may be exactly why it happened. And nachos without chips… I should order that sometime and see what reactions I get. 😛

  6. So I am reading along and the whole time I’m thinking…wow, only salads. Clearly no tomatoes in them though. And, yup, there it is, the statement No Tomatoes! Poor lowly tomato.

    I am sure numerous posts…or one very long one..could be written on ridiculous statements made by service industry staff. My favourite common one is *finally* locating a sales person in a store and having them say “May I help you?” Well, d’uh!!!! No, I just spent the last 10 minutes hunting you down to wish you good day!

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