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  1. Great post. What bugs me the most is that I often can’t use other people’s apps without adding it to my own profile first. For instance, I shouldn’t have to add an app just to see a list of books my friend wants to share with me.

    1. I agree. I also hate the fact that it’s practically impossible to delete. My husband’s ex set his fb page up for him even though he rarely used it and after we met he tried to delete it but she logged on 2 days later and added about 20 friends and started sending all his REAL LIFE friends bitchy comments. I don’t even see how that mess is legal. She did this immature garbage for two weeks before i figured out what the hell was going on

  2. My FaceBook is private, simply because I don’t want freaks spying on me. I realize I’m probably missing out on some people I might like to reconnect with, but as you point out, I’m also missing out on people I never missed in the first place.

  3. That was phenomenal. I know exactly what you mean. Although I have no problems with not adding certain people even when they make certain requests. The Apps! Oh, how I really loathe them, espeacially the ones that make you send out a certain amount of invitations in order to see “what kind of person” you are. Those are supposed to be funny yet they become annoying to the point you just want to ignore every invitation you get. What if the app is in Spanish and none of your friends speak Spanish, now you’re forced to bombard people with something they can’t even read! However, I do love the Speed Racing App and can’t help invite more people to race. Ohhhhh … with facebook as well as myspace one needs to be very careful.

  4. Everyone says they are evil and yet still has the accounts.

    I deleted mine and haven’t looked back since, I have better things to do with my life.

    I go out and meet REAL people instead of seeing everything and going in armed with information, now I have to talk to them and figure out their real personality.

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  7. Slutty Profile Pics are annoying – it’s even worse when they are on a 13 year old’s profile page!

    It’s really annoying when I visit my personal friends profile page and the stuff they write on their profiles is so obviously fake. Like my fat lazy friend letting everyone know about her gym membership, which is a complete joke unfortunately. Or another friend who has the dirtiest house I’ve ever seen writes about her weekend spent cleaning her house and how she’s such a germaphobe. Its like some people live out their fantasy life on myspace/facebook and portray themselves as somebody they aren’t. Its sad actually.

    1. Thats so true i mean come on people b yourself instead of pretending. it just starts a bunch of problems for you.

      1. ppl confuse the anonymity of their usernames on blogs/forums with that of their usernames on social networking sites.

  8. My daughter and her friends at a private school near Buffalo NY were bitching on a facebook wall about 2 classmates and one’s older sister who was “facebook creeping” them. Big Sis printed up the remarks, Mommy took them to school and my girl got 3 days In School Suspension. When we requested a conference to discuss this first we were blown off. From Monday to thursday they refused to meet but on Thurs afternoon my wife insisted. We lasted 20 minutes before they told us Claire was expelled and they called the cops on us !!! It’s all at this site : Justice4claire.com

  9. Elfino – I agree. Avoiding spies is always a good idea!

    Kara – Isn’t it crazy how people try to pretend to be something they’re not? I wonder why, when their friends should know better anyway?

    Sean – I’m really really sorry about what your daughter has gone through. That is absolutely terrible! 🙁

  10. haha, You can dissable applications, but the only choice facebook gives you is to dissable all applications or manually block the ones you dont want. Personally I think this is a horrible way to go about things. I wish they would just let us never get app invites but still be able to use ones we choose.

    I wrote a simple article about myspace users that would almost work the same on facebook:


  11. Thanks 4 the thoughts, we are seriously pissing them off though since they removed all of their email addys from their school website and had their lawyer call ours again the other day saying we are harassing them and implying a lawsuit against us if our supporters don’t stop emailing them to complain!!!! WTF

  12. Facebook is not evil, people are evil. Facebook, myspace or whatever else, is just means to an end. People decide the end and use the means. If one would want to hurt their friends or ex they can well find all sorts of means to do so, including facebook.

    I can sympathise with the fact that a vast database has been created, holding personal information on whoever joins it. That IS evil, yet again means to an end.

    Everything posted is information. Information can be used for or against people. Information itself is not evil, the way it is used has the potential to be evil.

    It is true that the internet has made things easier. The flow of information is much larger than it used to be and more easily accessible. THE POINT IS HOW THAT INFORMATION IS USED.

      1. and good people cannot see the evil around them? i don’t think that is actually true but it is a nice sounding saying 😉

  13. What exactly is your point? Is it that you trust facebook owners not to use the information you provide to them (and which is henceforth theirs, their own, their precious, to do with as they please) in evil ways? If so you are waaaaay too trusting (they even hint at evil use of the info in their privacy policy text). If not, then well, facebook is evil. The ‘guns dont kill people, people (or bulltets) kill people’ logic you use cannot be applied anywhere. If something will most surely be used for evil purposes then it too is evil. For example i dont think you would claim chemical weapons are not evil because the people who push the little red button are evil. If given the power i think you would destroy all chemical weapons in the world. Why? Well…because chemical weapons are evil.

  14. Always this bullshit about facebook & myspace… If you don’t want people to see it, then don’t put yourself on the internet… if you want to make friends, go out ! Doing it to meet old friends ? Maybe, but chances are bigger that there’s a reason why they haven’t been looking for you or the other way around… maybe because they or you couldn’t even care before having a profile on one of these pages??? Same thing with everybody nagging about spam… Don’t want it? Don’t read it ! simple as that ! Internet is a tool, just like a library, take information and/or give information. Nothing more, nothing less!

  15. I think it’s one of the biggest time wasters ever created. I suspect that the people that get ahead in this life are the ones spending less time on facebook and more time doing things in real life. And those people are probably the people who created facebook. 😉

  16. I hate facebook, myspace not so much but still dislike it.

    These are sites designed for idiots, used by idiots and continue to grow in popularity because of idiots.

    Idiots rule I guess.

  17. Hilarious. I’ve encountered lots of girls who claim to be “very conservative” on their profile but they have tons of pics of them with their boobs hanging out of their shirts or claiming how they love sex even though they’ve never been engaged or married. There are some of these so called “extremely religious” girls who claim to love family values but they have all this ridiculous quotes saying how they love to make fun of “ugly” people as a hobby. Hypocritical no? The worst ones are those who get on a high horse, push morality on other people, and judge them even though they also do things that are considered to be sinful in their religion. Of course, there are also the idiot former Greek system members with no life who become “legacy parents,” have the organization’s name splashed everywhere on their facebook page, and want their kids to join the same sorority/fraternity as they did. Not only that, they subscribe to the organization’s membership magazine, buy their overpriced chintzy memorabilia, go to their events, etc.

  18. Facebook is a bunch of crap. Stay away from it. Get a life and do other things. Connect with people from the past via reunions. Meet people, face to face. Talk to people. Do you speak to the 250 ‘friends’ listed on facebook? I seriously doubt it.

  19. the majority of facebook users really do need to get a real life. Who gives a flying f**k is someone has a headache or is about to leave to go pick up their kids from school. Why do I need to know this? Honestly, it’s absolutely ridiculous!

  20. Facebook is growing ever more evil!
    If you follow any link that a friend posts, that link goes through Facebook’s system and so your web browsing is tracked and remembered by Facebook. This is a typical Microsoft trick, so it is not surprising since Microsoft now is part owner of Facebook.
    Even more sinister is their oh-so-kind offer to search out your friends by using your email account. Just give over your email password please! Don’t fall for that one!

  21. Use Myspace regularly for music and art promotion, decided to try out Facebook to see if they had more expansive tools. Not so much, but definitely had more sociopaths. There’s something wrong with a system that enables so many grown ass men and women to fawn and chortle like they were back in high school. Then again, so many never really left, no? I guess the same could be said about Myspace but I really don’t get into all that. Strictly promotion. Hmm. Maybe that’s why I have so few friends. . .

    The moral of my story is that its all about the individual using it, or something.

  22. I really enjoy facebook. In a few months I’ll see if I can do that, and still have a life. Right now, it’s not interfering at all. I really hate the apps though. Well I love some and hate some. But a few bad apps spoiled the whole lot for me, so now I just post my facebook updates and read those of my network. I love it as a way to keep in touch, but i have a feeling that the apps are, among other things, tools to do market research. Not that doing market research is evil, but I do know that if you want to pay the pros to do it, each market research project costs tens to hundreds of thousands of dollars to complete. So I’m jealous of the brilliance I think.

  23. Reasons why FB is the lame.

    – too much commitment. who in their right mind needs to ‘update their status’. things are not so hectic that you need to tell everyone where you are or what you’re doing.

    – creepy. see bullet one.

    – no more reasons needed. i’m in IT, so i knows a thing or two about technolojee. bottom line – facebook is just plain weird. i no likey.

  24. So what if you are private. I’ll bet 9 times out of 10, private people have the ‘view friends’ link enabled. Why does someone who wants to be private want all their friends visible to strangers? Oh and if you have any friends who are public, bye bye privacy. Any interaction between a private profile with a public one is all viewable by anyone (in the same network) on the public persons profile.

  25. All I would like to say is, keep your myspace account to promote your songs (if you are a band) and let facebook for your close friends but even better, set up a blog or a personal page.

    Personaly I do not like fb. It started as a noble idea to find friends within your social circle but it has mixed up and finally messed up as some trolls, idiots etc create accounts. The only reason I use it is just that I found some old friends that I had lost contact with them. Otherwise it would be useless for me.

    Myspace is good if you are an artist. However you may notice a lot of junk as well even there but it is nothing ccomparing to what you can find in youtube.

    I don’t like bashing fb. It is not the company’s fault if some users are idiots, however the company should try to protect the privacy. You may say freedom of speech blah blah blah untill you will notice some racist, misanthropic, hate groups. Freedom of speech is very important but some people should not be allowed to spread malevolence and stupidity onlie. Same as in daily life.

    And well said abt the aps. Most of them are junk.

  26. I feel the same way too. Its like fbk and hi5 are jus online databases that ppl keep tab of ur life… im on both but im not hooked and the only reason im on is to stay in contact wit some old overseas frenz.

  27. Louis I couldn’t agree with you more man. It also enables people to hide behind a screen instead of dealing with any interpersonal issues. Conflict resolution is seen as hard work since it’s as easy as “delete friend”. Also I find that FB helps promote covert aggression with people who have a difficult time expressing how they truly feel. Hmmm


    Facebook and apps can be used to mine not only private data but also feelings and generate data from that. All the emotions its users expressed are their property. They could potentially measure the worlds happiness.

    Facebook and Myspace are combining. Can we say PRE-MONOPOLY.

    People will implant a facebook chip because it was sent to them by a friend. A they will trust it. Mark of the beast

    People stop going outside and end up fat and alone.

  29. Facebook is the friendly front end of a data mining/gathering tool that puts the gestapo and spanish inquisition to shame

    wake up

    everytime you add an app, it asks to pull ALL your profile information, and that of your friends!

    so even if your private, someone else can ‘volunteer’ your info for you

    thats nice then isnt it lol

  30. facebook keeps fucking with me…i borke up with my girl…trying to forget about it and move on…but almost every friends page i go to…she almost always pops up on mutual friends…FACEBOOK IS FUCKING WITH ME lol

  31. Lord Jesus is God and He is the way to heaven, He loves you and He is waiting for you.

    Get off the internet, stick with e-mails only, stay in reality.

    God bless

  32. Face book Good for:
    1.) Procrastinating
    2.) Stalking
    3.) Time wasting
    4.) Breaking up
    5.) Info gathering (by all including companies)
    6.) Meeting new people
    7.) Ignoring the real world
    8.) Nothing !

  33. Yeah, Facebook is evil. Buut, it’s mainly the people on facebook.. I admit, the apps! Ugh! Drive me crazy, but the comments, photo’s.. it’s just people.. Like they say, the computer is as smart as the user.. (tbf, I don’t believe that, but it seemed intellectual! 😀 I’m 14, and I rarely go on facebook.. but, I have a 13 year old, (not really friend) friend, who posts pictures of herself in underwear.. not pleasant!

    1. Yeah I know what you mean.. I didn’t really understand the bit about.. what was it.. computer smart as the user.. what did that have to do with.. Uhmm… facebook?! lol Overall, good message! BUT FACEBOOK SUCKS!

  34. It is possible to live life without social sites. I know a friend who spends about 10–30 hours a week on this stuff. In the time I could have spent on facebook, I learned music theory, learned to draw portraits, gung-fu, am learning a new language and any real “goof off” time is spent reading fiction. Not mindless comments about what your friend thought about their party/movie/mashed potatoes they had for dinner/etc….

    I’m not on facebook….I’m not on myspace….and even though there may be old friends trying to find me, I lose no sleep at night as a result. If you are close enough for me to care….I have your number. Simply too many people in the world, to care about how you stack up to each one of them.

    Free yourself. It’s a social indexing tool anyway. Sure, makes advertising easier….but I’m old school. I liked the days when people didn’t know EXACTLY what you want in life….then they have to actually spend the time finding out if you want their overprice product…..you know…like a human, instead of intelligent, predictive programming.

  35. i friend of mine works for a sister company of facebook, facebook sells profiles
    to companies witch in return sends you crap in your mail, computer and phone your profiles are like trading cards to them, this is the truth, fuck facebook and resist the new world order!!!!!!

  36. my nefew asked mmy son if he had a facebook and my son replied “yeah”. so now im like “lil …, im tired of teachin you about the world wide web and still u go get a facebook”. see he is only 11, i dont know how old u gotta be to get a facebook page because i dont get on that perverted sight, but im sure if he lied about his age there are other perves lyin about there age to just to get close to him, yuk. so i told him he will be internet ignorant until he is 16 and less likely to be corrupted by these descusting facebook perves.

  37. the more info u put on facebook, the more people know about u and what u doin. that dont make sense to me. we spend all our young life tryna keep people out our business and still grow up just to post it on the web, WHAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  38. Ma profile is open 4 all just because i am with nick name and i share messages i have. This is dangerous place for be open.

  39. u guys got me thinkin, thinkin bout the real purpose of facebook. they say ” oh …keep up with your freinds, social networking” but if u believe that then thats the real problem. see facebook is only used to gather information bout you for the united states government so i went and created a page myself to see how fast the ” socisl network ” will respond to my evil antics, ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha.

  40. i’m no longer with facebook. Why?
    Cause they smeared my husbands private details all over zoosk dating crap (including photo), saying he is seeking woman.

  41. ur a genius. finally somebody else who understands the evils of the wreched sight that has made my friends zombies

  42. You have actually missed the big reason Facebook is evil.

    Since the flotilla I did a quest for more direct news and joined “We are with Gaza” on Facebook.

    My background is Internet Studies with Curtin in WA and currently doing honours. But interactions on Facebook for the promotion of human rights will be my PhD topic.

    Obviously I’m very effective!

    I’ve trained 10 moderators on that site to delete posts that insight drama, sayanim posts and anything terror related. Being Australian and with no personal connection to the issue it was easy for me to provide support for a policy that deleted all off topic material without being ‘emotionally’ influenced by claims of censorship by Israeli spam artists. I had 5 days of posts on Julia Gillard’s Facebook page and invitations placed in every Palestine connection Facebook page in Australia.

    I’ve had 2 death threats from a person that as far as I know is a Mossad agent and I’ve reported those to ASIO.

    In short I’ve been very active in supporting these people. They aren’t the evil we have been lead to believe. The people I’m working with are trying to force reconciliation and raise money for some desperate kids. We ignore the Hamas media framing based on an understanding that if the intellectuals of Palestine were allowed to return home these radicals would be brought under control.

    There is $4B of gas with a $2B profit off the coast of Gaza in one field alone. Given an opportunity these people in Gaza are a little Dubai. That’s the money trail.

    In the meantime they are being used by Israel and the US as a weapons testing zone. It’s totally NOT ON.

    The lies involve here are huge.

    Now to the point…

    Facebook have put blocks on the page “We are with Gaza” than force us to use the public wall as the landing page. A location that is subject to very high spam levels from sayanim that pollute the message to unreadable status. To deal with this we have established moderations across the world in different time zones. At least 6 people have lost Facebook accounts. Some 3 times in 2 hours.

    What’s the point in having a social media platform with so much potential to create peace in the world through interconnection of people across the world if it is used as a toy by Mossad to threaten people and the system is twisted by deleting accounts of those fighting for human rights.

    This is a big story really, this is us being conned into using a platform that pretends to be capable of creating world change which is being distorted by at team of Mossad agents (sayanim) who at best are using the automated spam features to kills those they oppose or at worst are manipulating the platform.

  43. My account was deactivated as they gave me three reasons that are not normal, and not human.

    Hurt my feelings…I love my feelings, my life.

    There is more then ten reasons to let go that thing.

    1. I agree. Facebook sucks. #9 happened to me and a friend. A girl said she “lost two friends” and if it weren’t for other people going on facebook, I never would’ve known. It ticks me off when I think about facebook to this day. Why couldn’t she have told me in person we weren’t friends anymore instead of vaguely saying it to a bunch of strangers. It bugs me. Facebook is inpersonal. I deleted my facebook and myspace accounts and it’s given me free time to read about how much it sucks. lolz

      1. I’m glad to see people are deleting their facebooks. I think everyone should and use REAL social networking skills. I.E. going out in public and actually meeting new people and/or hang out with your real friends who arent just trying to collect you.

  44. Does anyone get it? Facebook exists for one thing. To get your info, your habits, likes, and friend stats and SELL it to companies and businesses. By buying into this you are screaming at people all your inner and deepest secrets. Even if you are “Private”, Facebook can still sell this info to companies and link it directly to you. Where has privacy gone? Facebook is just as good as wearing a sign all day long that tells everyone (even if you think its private or not) everything about you. Its amazing the behavior of Sheeple. Nothing is free in this world….. even Facebook.

  45. You forgot to add that the act of collecting friends “friending” creates a commodity based emphasis on relationships. People feel the greed of accumulating friends like chips in a casino. This can be a demeaning and potentially dangerous future for our society.

  46. So don’t use the sodding thing, except for some sort of white pages replacement – don’t put there anything you wouldn’t put on your calling card, don’t let it replace your real social life, and all is good. Your friend can recommend you books or movies face-to-face. You would be surprised what can be used against you in the future.

    Facebook is the worst, and a trap for the careless people. It IS a big brother.

  47. I think Facebook is becoming a “mind manipulation” and “behavior modification” system. But where is it manipulating us towards? What kind of behavior is it implanting?

  48. All of your above points are very right. I felt the exact same way about Facebook and even beyond. What I don’t understand is why do you go on a mission to point out all of the wrongs of Facebook but kick off this whole rant about how you still have your own facebook profile? I am not here to insult you, but you come off as a hypocrite. In fact, you come off as even worse than the people are you talking about. I know this is your personal blog and you have the freedom to say what you want, but putting your own personal life in your writing such as: ” I prefer men now, not boys who hide behind Facebook applications.” really drives people to look at you as if you are just another attention seeker that you so clearly seem to despise in these writings. Also, the part where you say ” Oh, but wait! His profile still talked about what a lovely Christian man he was (rolling my eyes).” Rolling your eyes? At what point do you think adding unprofessional rhetoric, such as that, is going to make people want to take you seriously?

    I am not writing this to you to come off as a jerk or trying to argue your points; because they are very good points. I am writing this to you because its obvious you took a lot of time and put a lot of thought into what you have written. I just feel bad about the fact that you come off as sounding silly when you add your little personal unecessary touches. AND THE FACT THAT YOU STILL HAVE A FACEBOOK!

    All you are saying at this point is you have too much free time on your hands to just complain about things and are just as dependent upon Facebook as those you are persecuting.

  49. Hey hey hey! Personally I think facebook is evil, maybe it was useful when it was for college students, but not for the general population, it’s too much for those little brain to handle, SU is the way to go! 😉

  50. Its like you read my mind! You appear to know a lot about this, like you wrote the book in it or something. I think that you can do with some pics to drive the message home a little bit, but other than that, this is fantastic blog. A great read. I’ll certainly be back.

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  52. I do agree with all the ideas you have presented in your post. They are very convincing and will certainly work. Still, the posts are very short for beginners. Could you please extend them a little from next time? Thanks for the post!!

  53. I closed my facebook today and must admit I feel refreshed, and as if a burden has been lifted. I shut it down for many reasons but the major ones are that its impersonal (most of the people there are not my “real” friends) and the fact that its all about putting on a show for others to watch.

    I have friended family members and had my requests be ignored and I have also ignored people. I have seen people get into online battles and cuss each other out. There is an ugly side to FB that I didn’t immediately understand and it took me three years to finally close my account. I urge other people to do the same and to live a richer, more genuine life!

  54. After using facebook daily for 6 years, I finally deleted my account permanantly last week. I can honestly say its the best thing I’ve ever done. I literally feel completely free, where as before I would check my fb account every morning, constantly throughout the day on my phone, and last thing at night before falling asleep. It was in my concious and sub-concious 24-7 and without realising, it was making me miserable. Now, I spend time with my REAL friends, I talk more on the phone and concentrate more on my family. To think I spent all those years missing out on this quality time because I was able to Chat online to them instead. I would highly recommend everyone atleast trying to go without facebook for a week, and see what changes it brings to their lives for the better. Yeah sure you have to make that little bit of extra effort to communicate with those people worth communicating with, but trust me, its worth it, and is decent quality REAL time 🙂

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