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  1. It’s probably like a phone where you can only travel to a time when someone can answer the “phone.” A way around that is to travel *forward* to a time when technology has advanced to create a time machine that can travel beyond Zero Year into the past. Essentially, you would go back.. through the future. ๐Ÿ™‚

    The biggest problem I see is getting stuck in a parallel time line with the evil Kirk and evil Spock.

    Is this the same project as the giant particle accelerator scientists are hoping to use to “discover” gravitons?

  2. “Now, scientists generally believe that if traveling back in time is possible, you could theoretically ONLY travel back as far as the point in time when the time travel machine was first invented.”

    It’s the paradox of the millennium! Think of it like this: you drive your car across town to the park, get out, and amble around the grounds for a few moments. In short, traveling back to before Zero Year is like driving back to your house… to get your car.

    It’s a question of existence, and it takes a bit of philosophy: if you travel back to before the machine was invented, you are traveling to a time when that machine does not exist. The previous commenter’s “phone” analogy isn’t far off the mark. One would stipulate that the same machine which “sends” you on your little excursion through the continuum would be the same machine that “receives” you on the other end.

    Of course, existential philosophy aside, there is an equal consequence with going forward through time: perhaps the machine is destroyed in 100 years, an occurrence which would be unknown to any would-be traveler. Would the machine then fail to send you 101 years into the future? If it sent you, where would you end up, with no working machine to receive you?

    If, somehow, the machine failed to send you, and you wound up right where you started., the implication would be that there was some way that the time machine “knew” that it didn’t exist in 101 years, which would require some form of “supernatural” communication through time. If it did send you anyway, it would be consistent with our understanding of the universe, but alas, you’d have nowhere to go, and there would be an equal existential paradox. In short, what works forward must work backward, and that is where the paradox arises.

    All of this could be solved, though, if the machine somehow traveled with the person through time… say, in the form of a 1981 Delorean DMC-12. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  3. Wow, what GREAT responses! Thanks Cindy & Foo! And Chris, thanks for the detailed explanation! I definitely understand better now why you can’t go farther back than when the machine was made. Although I guess you could if you had a machine that traveled with you! Now that would be REALLY cool. ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. A fan of the first session TV science fiction series the sliders

    I though wormholes could only be created in the heart of black holes not artificial ones created by antigravity experiments in a basement here on earth.

    Inspired by Quniin Mallory’s antigravity experiment I though I could duplicate Mallary’s antigravity experiement in my bedroom to explore paralle worlds. But then why not the antigrabvity experiment distorting space and time could beaplied in building a time machine.

    My blog “time travel and parallel universe theories” .bogspot.com tells us wormholes much less time travel requires far to much compreise on the las of physics as we kniow it should never be possible.

    Fan of the first session of the sliders

  5. Hello Geoffrey! I liked Sliders until it started getting creepy, and they changed out all the actors. Then I said goodbye!

    But don’t go hating on time travel. ๐Ÿ˜› Seems a lot of things people say are impossible in science end up being done, lol. But I will definitely check out your blog. It sounds interesting!

  6. If I could send objects/information back in time I would attempt to win the lottery like a young man from my town Derry did recently. But perhaps the act of going back will time will change the world the time traveller is in and effectively place him/her in a universe where events take a different path leading to a likely future of no winning lottery. In any case time travelling should be a thrill.

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