0 thoughts on “Scariest Night Ever :-(

  1. Holy Crap! I had a roach in my last apartment. By the time I got the spray bottles (Lysol and Windex) the thing was gone. I seriously ran to Home Depot at 10pm, got 3 kinds of poison, and coated every surface. EVEN BEHIND THE FRIDGE!

    I slept in my office at work that weekend >_>

    I’m a coward. So what?

  2. Ugh! That’s Texas for you. I hadn’t seen one roach in my entire life until I moved here. I just think they are more prone to this weather. Maybe. I don’t really know.

    My fiance & I had two roaches in four days about a month ago. After that second one, I called Terminix. We haven’t seen one since they came out. It was $85 but I HIGHLY recommend it. It really worked out!

  3. any chance you got that on video? That would be one of the funniest things ever to watch! Attack of the Mutant Roaches… that would be an instant YouTube hit! Not to be insensitive or anything though… πŸ™‚

  4. Argh – the scariest part of the story is that it crawled away UNDEAD!! Once he recovers from the poison he’s going to come back with superpowers and an “S” on his chest.

    It sounds like you might have a new pet – I hope he plays well with others . . .

  5. ahaha… dragonfly?

    I had a spider with white marks on it land on my shirt thismorning in my car… I casually flicked it in the face and It flew out my window.

    I atleast give them a chance to escape… or give them the toildet drain joyride before dieing.

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