0 thoughts on “Really sad news :-(

  1. I heard the awful news yesterday. I can’t imagine. He and his family have been in my prayers. His song “Dive” is what prompted me to buy my own guitar. I heard it and said “I want to know how to do that.” It’s not a technical piece, but I love the sound.

    On a side note, I’ve never seen the particular music video you posted. I had no idea there was movie footage from the Jim Elliot incident. That’s incredible. I’ve seen the images in books, but never movie footage.

  2. Oh gosh,
    My heart breaks for that poor young man. He is so blessed to be in a family tht will love him through this! Ditto on Silenceisfoo re: Jim Elliot footage. Wow!

  3. Unthinkably horrible. 🙁 So so so sad. That poor teenage boy, I can’t even imagine how he will suffer. I mean, which of us hasn’t hit something accidentally with our car? I hit a telephone pole once, backing out of a parking space, just like he was doing, no doubt. I hit a pilon on the way into a parking garage another time. But it wasn’t my 5 year old sibling, and it didn’t die. Steph, where’s that photo of you and SCC? That’s a cool shot, you should post it.

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