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  1. I’ve been having a reasonable amount of success with Blogburst. It’s like a traffic network for blogs. You don’t get too many hits from it directly (1/400 page impressions on other blogs) but the people who do click through are usually bloggers themselves and will many times link back to you. It’s saved my Technorati rating from going completely under after the collapse of all the Huckabee-Blogs a couple months ago.

    Click here to join. You can even hide the widget on the bottom of the page or change the color so it stands out less.

  2. I read alot of articles about this and sofar these things have worked for me:

    1. Join all the social networking sites (digg, reddit, dilicous, whatever) and start making friends.. lots of them. You would be suprised at how many people will scratch your back if you scratch theirs.

    2. Join a forum that pertains to what your blog is about. Ask opinions about something you wrote, about stuff others wrote.. and just be networking all the time.

    3. Have somone else submit your articles.. having the same account always submitting from the same url always lowers your digg score.

    Always remember, you put in 3 parts work, and you will get 1 part back. I have atleast found this true.

  3. I’ve gotten the most traffic from Entrecard. A lot of it is quick traffic that might not read your blog but some do stick around and become readers and I’ve developed helpful blogging relationships on the forums.

    I also use Blogengage and Mixx which allow you to submit all of your blog entries and people vote and comment on them and just added a new site like them called Tracker. I also joined Blogburst but just a few days ago so nothing from that yet.

    I also put every post on reddit and try to have others submit my posts to digg and stumble upon.

  4. WOW. Thanks everyone for the tips. I will definitely be trying all of this out. Adam, I don’t have Twitter, but I’ll have to give it a go.

    Kevin – never heard of Blogburst but it sounds interesting. Thanks for the tip!

    Kraze – Great ideas. And good point about getting 1 part back for every 3 parts work. It’s important to keep that in mind to avoid discouragement. I think that with self-employment, it’s like 1 part back for every 10,000 parts work, lol.

    Jennifer – I’ve never heard of Entrecard either! I’ll be checking all these out. Thank you!

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