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  1. I think Ben is the quintessential social outcast nerd who just couldn’t take any more abuse (from his dad), was recruited by a tough gang (the original Others) to take out the establishment (Dharma) and eventually became their leader. But his social ineptitude, seen most obviously in his treatment of Juliet (ham??), made him ruthless.

    In another time, Ben would’ve been right beside the Columbine guys.

    But apparently either he learned to control Jacob, or Jacob took a liking to him, and he was able to take over the Others.

    I don’t see him as calculating as a politician, since they’re mostly socially very adept. Ben’s the loner who lives in his parents’ basement, hacking into government sites because of how badly everyone treats him. Especially HER (whoever HER might be).

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  2. Hey Barry! Ya, his treatment of Juliet was so creepy. “Oh, I forgot to tell you no one else was coming? Silly me!” … Interesting point about Ben not being as socially adept as a politician. Despite people hating him, he still maintains control over everyone. Crazy!

  3. Hey!! I love the character of Ben – he is just super creepy but extremely watchable. I had to chuckle when I saw him walking jauntily through the Other camp with is bedding while Hurley and Sawyer looked on in disbelief. Hee! I have to have a proper think about theories so I am sure to be back!

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