0 thoughts on “I’ve been autoburied by Digg

  1. Digg isn’t what it used to be unfortunately since they’ve be taken advantage of far too often. It’s a shame that the innocent pay the price.

  2. Thanks for the comments & support, everyone! 🙂

    Cinematically – I have several books (one is a scifi novel!) But the finished one I was specifically writing about is a humor book (in the same sarcastic vein as some of my posts) about modern modes of dating.

    I’ve thought about a scifi humor book (like life lessons learned from scifi), but I’m not sure if I’d run into copyright/trademark issues with that.

  3. Though I still read on Digg and sometimes I wonder why I bother submitting, Digg is the equivalent of the High School cool click. Either you are in or you will never ever be in.

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