0 thoughts on “Input needed: What is a good iPhone alternative?

  1. Have you checked out the Palm Pilot? I think the latest palm phone is the Treo? I couldn’t live without mine. 🙂

    But the iPod Touch has wi-fi. The Treo, I THINK, I’m not sure, only has the wireless carrier’s internet. If you just want wi-fi, there are several Palm pilots that are much cheaper (the Zire is only $100) and… oh, gosh, the one that’s normally connected at my hip but I forgot it at home.

    I love my palm pilots so much I once got carpal tunnel from putting my hand at a weird angle to touch the screen all the time. 🙂

  2. I played around with the Instinct. It felt like a very cheaply made phone, so I would look elsewhere. I love my iPhone, so anything else is just subpar!

  3. I think it depends on how comfortable you are with touch screens. Personally, I can’t stand them… having that “click” just can’t be beat. I personally use a Samsung Blackjack II. Only problem with them is that you can’t charge them from a USB connection if the battery is dead. Other than that and the poorly designed antenna (it’s horizontal inside the phone instead of vertical, which causes a weaker signal when you hold it upright), I’m pretty fond of it.

    If you like touch screens though, then I can’t help you much.

    Touch screens are for losers. 😀

  4. I use a HTC. I love sony ericsson and now im falling in love with the HTC diamond.

    They are gsm phones, so you can take them to any carrier you like. At&t sells a rebranded HTC kaiser and they labeled it the “tilt” here in the USA. They are all windows based and serv up the goods with windows mobile 6 with a 400-500 mhz ARM processor that can pretty much handle anything you throw at it.

    Windows apps, unlike most of the iphones are open source or freeware.. meaning you can share them and modify them without voiding any kind of contract. Also they wont be removed by big brother in the future 😉

  5. There is no alternative to the iphone 🙂 It is the best by far…

    If you want an iphone but want to keep your carrier buy last years iphone off ebay or craiglists and unlock it…. the new ones you can’t but the old one’s you can and use your own provider….

  6. Wow! Great input from everyone! Sorry it’s taken me so long this time to respond.

    @Spy – I was recently looking at the Palm Centro because it comes in pink or red. 🙂 It’s the only one available on Sprint right now that’s gotten great reviews (out of several I’m looking at). It’s two problems are that the battery power is kind of low and it doesn’t have a GPS receiver inside. But I’ve been considering it.

    Kaylee – I’d love a Blackberry! But from what I understand, it’s $30-40 extra a month for the Blackberry data plan (?). I can’t afford that. 🙁

    Adam – Thanks for the Instinct input. I just found out that it’s not a business phone (doesn’t sync calendars, etc.) so it’s definitely out.

    Kevin – LOL! I like touch screens, but I prefer to have a phone with a touch screen & a keyboard, both.

    Kraze – Good point about Big Brother removing apps in the future (I read that about the iPhone – eek!) HTC is near the top of my list. I might just wait to see what new ones Sprint will get this year.

    Girl – Thanks for the input. That does help!

    Kelly – Great to see you here! 🙂 I saw Cindy’s iPhone the other day and it was really great. I’d love to get an unlocked one, but when I just looked it up, people say that an unlocked iPhone still won’t work with Sprint because of incompatibility. 🙁 🙁 *cry*

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