0 thoughts on “HTC Touch: Can’t touch this! … And maybe you shouldn’t

  1. Have you ever thought about the Blackberry? I was thinking of getting a new Moto Q until I got the Blackberry Enterprise plan. The email response is unreal!

  2. hey…now THERE’S a color I kinda dig…that electric green! 😉 I do like the black one better tho. I’ve heard the moto Q is a big hit in the return department… I was planning to get one, and the salesman actually talked me out of it (lowering his own commission) and sold me a centro.

  3. i’ve had my sprint htc ouch for about 2 weeks and i need help!! my battery gets really warm and i havent even used it! and for some reason when i put it on lock mode i turn it back on and it has the mesanger icon on and sometimes it has an error message….i need help!!!!!!

  4. I Brought the HTC a cople weeks ago. Imo i think itsa great phone. The built in keyboard could be better but so goes. does the same job as a blackberry but you have the option to go on pay as you go.

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