0 thoughts on “Dr. Horrible: Now Playing!

  1. OMG hysterical!!! I love Joss Whedon. Actually just worked my way through the Firefly episodes a couple of weeks ago to introduce the Urbane Lion to them. Then passed them along to someone at work. WHAT were they thinking cancelling that show? It was brilliant. Anyway, thanks so much for bringing this to my attention. Will sit down and watch Act I & II in full later tonight, glass of wine in hand.

  2. I watched the first act yesterday and the second act today.

    Geez, is it cool. First, it’s so funny. Second, those actors can sing!

    I don’t want it to end on Saturday.

    Oh, by the way, make sure you watch all of the episodes this week. They’re taking it down on Sunday night.

  3. I’m wondering if I should buy the episodes on iTunes since it will all be gone soon! I’ll be sad when I watch Act III on Saturday and then it’s all over!

  4. I am in love with it! It is just fantastic! I was so excited to watch Act I and was gutted when it didn’t work (at first – they had problems with us international viewers) but when it did I was so happy. Can’t wait for the last act!

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