0 thoughts on “Creepy and Cool

  1. referrals from a poker websites? Could be one of those poker sites scraped one of your posts but still has a link to your original article. I get spam comments in other languages. 😉

  2. I get alot of fake sites that link to my site too.. I wish I had a rational reason that it targeted my site.

    My site currently hosts game servers apparently too… I dont mind though, I hosted the files online for myself and my friends.. but some server in mexico can use it too I guess.

    About the random searches.. .you just wait until next month when I start searching your name with other random but dirty terms.

  3. i get a lot of traffic from the search term “last weeks post secrets” since I occasionally post my favorite postsecrets from postsecret.com. Also, “best wordpress plugin”. “Brad Pitt lookalike” brings tons over as well (jk)

  4. Web stats can be like a drug. They are fascinating, especially if you have the kinds of programs that tell you where they came from, what they looked at while on your site, how long they stayed. Actually in a way it feels a bit wrong that I could know so much about the strangers who visit my site. Still, I love it anyway.

  5. In the beginning, I was checking my stats something like three times a day. But then I wasn’t getting anything done for my blogs. So now I concentrate on writing stuff I like and I check my stats occasionally.

    Of course, I wouldn’t be sad if one day I checked my stats and they were gigantic. I’m just sayin’.

    Melody Platz

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