0 thoughts on “Cloverfield Review: Too much clover, not enough field

  1. I love this review!!! It is hilarious!! Being a fan of “Lost” I am disappointed. Is this a “first” to have a movie theater warn about motion sickness. I could not go – since I have to check for my airplane sickness bag when I first get on a plane!!

  2. i liked the movie didnt make me sick and yeah the first 10 min were pretty boreing but they where outlining the char. the blair witch shot was brilliant it always keapt me on my toes wanting to know, but really you either love it or hate it..and as for the ending i cant think of another way to end it without makeing it so cheasy
    p.s good review

  3. Well I saw it last night and fortunately it was easy to get in and grab a seat even though I got there right when it started. I guess it helps when your by yourself. 🙂 Anywoo, what did I think? Well I’m with you, I caught myself having to look at my neighbors sitting next to me a bit so I could recover before I hit the floor. The whole love thing was just weird and different. I guess we can give the writer some kudos for his attempt. The name “Cloverfield” had nothing to do with the movie but more a cover for the real name was never used “Greyshot”. Not much better in my opinion. Neat monster but where did he come from and why did he just stay downtown. Did he like tearing down the buildings? Maybe they will make a sequel to clear all the unanswered questions up. Hopefully it won’t make me puke. Over all it was ok, but a bit disappointing. Thanks for your thoughts on it. Glad to know your a Sci-Fi fan like me.

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