0 thoughts on “Blog Award!

  1. Congrats on your award – I hear you on how hard it is to choose people to pass it on to, but based on your descriptions, you picked good ones. I will try to check some of them out. Again, congratulations!

  2. I know two on your list who wont even acknowledge your post exists but I did like the idea of the award thing. Brining readers to a network is a great idea.

    I dont even know of 7 bloggers yet :S

  3. Thanks Teeni! 🙂

    Spy – I’ll have to check out Lifehacker and Apartment Therapy. Thanks for the suggestions!

    KnightOwl – You bet I enjoyed the award! Thanks!

    Kraze – LOL. Let me guess – io9 and Engadget? 😛

  4. You hum, understand that Malkin is insane, off her rocker and has no sense of logic other than the troll kind? She see Muslim symbols in crescent shaped monuments, Terrorist Supporters in Dunkin Donuts commercials and of course defends internment of citizens. She’s a right-wing nutbar.

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