0 thoughts on “A beary serious problem

  1. Oh man! A plague of waving bears! LOL. The funny thing is that this person obviously wanted to be on television, but nobody will ever know for sure if it was really the person claiming to be the bear!

  2. did you see the weather channel video with Jorma Duran where some naked dude runs behind Jorma…twice?? LOL! They finally pulled it off of the site, but it was hysterical…seriously, people need a life!

  3. I think it would’ve been even more interesting had the bear fallen into the surf…but that would’ve been morbidly funny. As long as he didn’t drown it would have been okay…. hmm.. that sounds cruel. Oh well, this hurricane was no picnic. Glad it went North of us in Corpus Christi.

  4. People in animal suits are the best. Hell at MML we had a guy in a panda suit and we all loved him. Instant friendship if you have a bear suit.. plus he is making people laugh in a shitty time.

  5. I can’t believe those of you who were secretly wanting the poor, innocent bear to be knocked over by a hurricane wave! LOL. Actually, come to think of it, that’s pretty darn funny. 😛

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